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Portrait photography should be a fun experience that you revisit every time you see the images.

I love spending time with my clients.  Catching great moments and capturing photos that showcase their authentic personalities is what I LOVE most about being a photographer!  
There is no greater compliment for me than knowing that you had as much fun as I did during the session, and are pleased with the results.  


You just brought me to tears.  I’m so excited to get (the photos) back and it means so much to me that he had so much say in his choices!  He’s been talking to his friends about the whole experience – he had a great time and loves the outcome!  I think he expected a lot less and you blew his mind! :) 
Stacey, Mom of Logan
These are simply amazing, especially since they haven't been retouched.  Well done!  You have captured so many of her naturally beautiful "looks".  THANK YOU.  How will we ever decide...she's going to love them. 
Maria, Mom of Jillian
Thank you for making the session so relaxing.  These turned out A LOT better than my previous headshots.  Can't wait to update my social media!
Amie, Business Professional
For a guy that didn't want senior pictures and thought they were stupid, he sure looks good in them and had fun doing them.  I cannot thank you enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
Kari, Mom of Cale

... and this is why I love being a photographer!

Kind  notes, text messages, and emails from are a few excerpts... 

“I absolutely love all of them!!!This is going to be so hard to choose. Thank you so much!”  

“I love the photos. I am giddy with excitement. Thank you! Thank you!”

“Love love love!!!” 

“Ok. Serious! How are we going to pick!! I seriously love them all!! You are amazing!!” 

“Thank you for a great photo shoot! …and for being such an adventurer. I can’t smile big enough- I love these!!!”

“Oh my gosh, Deb! These are so great! Wow!! Love them!”